A commitment to service

brought me to the massage profession in 1976. It has guided my work ever since, and led me to study and train with some of the field’s best teachers, to better serve my clientele. In 1990, my work evolved toward specialization in aquatic therapy and rehabilitation for trauma-related and chronic neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

I utilize many techniques in my tablework - Russian clinical massage, myofascial unwinding, trigger-point therapy, reflexology, therapeutic touch, Reiki - and easily as many in the water. My goal is to help people create and maintain a better quality of life, whatever their physical challenges.

If you’re living with pain or a disabling condition, please contact me to see how we can work together to make your life better.

In Addition:

Writing  and teaching - nationally, regionally and locally - allows me to share knowledge and experience. Organizational work enables me to encourage growth and acceptance of massage and aquatic therapy in our increasingly challenged healthcare system. If you’re a therapist interested in learning any of my work, please select Education in the menu above.



    Washington since 1976 (#298)

    Oregon since 1988 (#2958)


    NCTMB - 1992=2008

    (Nationally Certified in Therapeutic

        Massage & Bodywork)

    ATRIC - 1999-2010

    (Aquatic Therapy and

        Rehabilitation Industry Certified) 


    AMTA - 1985 to present

    Pain Society of Oregon -


Professional Service:

    Board Chair, ICATRIC -


    Faculty Member -

        NW Body/Mind Institute

        SWW Massage School

        East-West College of the

            Healing Arts

        Aquatic Therapy &

            Rehab Institute (ATRI)

        Port Townsend School of


    Founder/Owner -

           Kinnaird Seminars


   2010 LMT of the Year -

        Oregon Chapter, American

        Massage Therapy Assn.

    ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award    

        - 2000

    Disabilities International      

        Foundation Award - 2001


    BA, University of

        Washington - 1967

    Diploma - Acadia School of

         Massage - 1976

    Continuing Education

        Training throughout US

        and Europe


  1. Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy - 3rd ed; Becker & Cole (chapter author)

     Integrative Pain Medicine;

        Audette & Bailey (principal

        chapter author) 

     Comprehensive Aquatic    

        Therapy - 2nd ed; Cole &    

        Becker (chapter co-author)

    Articles & Reviews in various

        professional journals


  1. amtamassage.org

  2. painsociety.com

  3. kinnairdseminars.com